~ Ti-83 Gamez ~
and Ti-83+

All my games are free of charge. Please don't change and publish the game without notice to me, because I'd be glad you can help me to improve my games !

To upload a game on your calc, you'll need a PC to TI cable, and a link software.
Your can make your own parallel cable for cheap (5) on Ticalc website at http://www.ticalc.org/hardware/cables/parallel.html.
You can download the software on the same website at http://www.ticalc.org/basics/linking/software.html.

The controls in my games are intuitive : use the arrows to move, 2nd to shoot, alpha for special purpose. Press clear to quit a game.

Morpion(s) - NEW !
(2 Kb)
A screensize "Tic-tac-toe". You must align 5 cross or 5 squares to win ! (Game in French !)
Power 4 - NEW !
(1 Kb)
A plain 2 player Connect Four game. (In French too !)
NB Pool (French Version)
(3 Kb)
A small 2 player pool game. Realistic algorithm for the balls moves, but extremely slow ! :)
(4 Kb)
Basic 3D wireframe maze with random maze generator.
(3 Kb)
After Godzilla the movie, Godzilla the game ! Enter angle and velocity to destroy your enemy ! (2 player game)
Temple Quest
(15 Kb)
Great textured 3D RPG ! Includes a small ASM code which plays music during the game !
Enter a dark doomy temple to find a mysterious Inca treasure. Fight the temple Guardians using your sword (Left and Right buttons).
Uses Dedales' maze generator.
Tomb Raider
(14 Kb)
Lara Croft's new adventure ... on your Ti83 ! Prevent the Mafia to get Xian's Sword ! Uses Temple Quest's 3D engine and maze generator.
(3 Kb)
It's like Tetris, but with 5 block per piece instead of 4. Wery slow game. :(
(2 Kb)
Tiny fast space shoot game (2 Kb). Looks like "Space Impact" on the Nokia 33xx.
Quake 4
(16 Kb)
The last version of the most famous Quakelike of the planet, for your Ti-83 and your Ti-83 only ! 2 game modes, original (shoot'em up), deathmatch (with a bot), including a map editor. 3D engine etc...
Space Fighter
(16 Kb)
3D space combat with sound ! Use the Alpha key to increase / reduce your ship's speed.